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adventures, alternate continuities, anime, ariana is a bitch, baking, beating up rocket grunts, being a bad liar, being a badass adorable, being a switch hitter, being an awesome chef, being cute, being happy, being innocently sexy, being nice, being protective, blackthorn city, bugsy, caramel nut clusters, cartoons, clair draconis, clair has awesome boobs, clair is sexy, clair's ogled me in the kitchen, comforting my friends, comforting people, cooking, cute things, don't touch my ethan, dragons are hot lovers, elise cynthia crawford, ethan, ethan is adorable, ethan's hidden brother issues, falkner, flirting with clair and ethan, genki girl, giovanni sucks, gold taylor, hating giovanni, hating team rocket forever, helping people, hitting silver for being reckless, ice cream, joe kramer, john edward brunett "jeb" parmalee, johto, karen, kris allen, lance draconis, lance x silver, looking at clair's boobs, making clair blush, making clair smile, marril, marril loves you clair~, marril's silliness, maybe silver crossdressing, missing gold, molly, molly nevins, muffins, my awesome cousin kris, my pokemon, new bark town, not "the room", not corrine falls, not feeling helpless, not jodi picoult, not mt. silver, not my loved ones in pain, not pokemon cruelty, not silver being a lethal chef, not team rocket, not twilight, pad thai, peanut butter cups, petrel is a creep, potato chips, ramen, reminding silver to eat, reminiscing, sex, shoujo, silver draconis, silver fails at subtlety, silver should wear a nurse costume, silver's my brother, silver's my silly big brother, solving mysteries, staring at ethan's chest, sweet tooth, sweets, taking care of people, taking clair's side, tea on rainy days, team rocket sucks, teasing clair, teasing ethan, teasing silver, the neverending story, threesome relationships, topping clair, trying to help everyone, trying to teach silver to cook, victoria "tori" marie crawford, whitney, worrying, worrying about lance
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